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About me

I am a Scuba Diving Professional with over 10 years of diving experience and over 5 years of managerial experience. I am currently looking for a new challenge where my skills and experience will be utilized to the fullest.

Since 2011 I have been traveling and working in the diving industry abroad. Ranging from Thailand to Malaysia and the Philippines. I have worked for various dive shops in the past where I have picked up a unique set of skills tailored to the water sports and diving industry. Working for small dive shops to big multiple shops companies. Learning skills from filling tanks to Servicing Regulators and Scuba Tanks valves, Nitrox blending, and general maintenance on boats and compressors.  

The greatest assets I have learned have come from working at Scotty’s for the last five years. I have dealt exclusively with 5-star guests in Luxury resorts. Managing the branches of Scotty’s has taught me a great deal about running all aspects of a business. Everything from accounting, and administration to the general running of the business. I am responsible for overseeing every aspect of this business. Over the years I have dealt with big groups and organized events.

I am a hard-working individual and loyal to a fault. I need little to no supervision to do my job or to complete my task ahead.  I love this diving industry and hope to work in for a good time to come.

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