It’s been some time since I’ve heard anything about my application?

In general, ongoing silence is your cue to take charge of the process.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re speaking with another company about a job, not hearing back could make it tricky for you to decide which way to go. So, if you do have a genuine offer on the table, tell the recruiter or employer.


  • Be professional: keep any communication simple and polite. It’s best not to follow up repeatedly – you want to show you’re interested, not come across as pushy.
  • There are lots of reasons you might not hear back: it doesn’t mean your application wasn’t good enough. The company’s hiring plans may have changed, or there could be hold ups on their end.
  • Your skills are valuable: not hearing back could make you doubt yourself. But remember, no matter your experience, you have valuable skills to offer an employer.
  • Keep your search going: it’s great to be focused, but it’s also worth keeping your job search going until you lock in a new role. Update your SEEK Profile to include key terms employers look for and set up saved searches that can alert you to new opportunities as they come up.
  • Continue the contact: even if you’re not successful, let the organisation know you’d love to work there. Ask questions: Were there any key qualifications or skills that you could work on? How could you improve your resume? This shows you’re keen and willing to improve. A similar role could come up down the track, and you can put yourself in a better position for it by getting feedback.
  • Be kind to yourself: you might feel like refreshing your inbox constantly or putting things off while you wait for the phone to ring. But job searching can take time, so it’s important to look after yourself. Set times during the day to devote to your job search and work in breaks for doing things that make you feel good.

It can be disheartening when you don’t hear back about a job you’ve applied for. But by taking these actions, you can channel your energy into something productive and be a step closer to knowing whether to pursue this role or focus on another.