Assistant Manager / Instructor position

Job Description

Busy CDC in the Philippines is looking for a new team member to join us as we ramp up business now world travel is reopening.

This is a very exciting time and an exciting position for the right person as we rebuild our business from the ground up. 

We are looking for someone dynamic and enthusiastic, with ideas and energy to help us on this exciting new journey!

This is a multi-faceted role that will include: 

Assistant manager/fill-in General Manager, 


Assisting in marketing and social media management. 

Ideally, this would turn into a long-term position, so we are looking for someone who wants to settle for 2+ years. At TSD we encourage your passions and will help you grow your career in the direction you want. 


Minimum 2 years experience in the dive industry, some of it working in remote locations similar to ours. 

Minimum OWSI, preferably higher. Regardless, you must have lots of teaching experience. You will need some specialities but can do those here if needed. 

Minimum age: 30

Excellent English, written as well as spoken

Must know PADI standards and stick to them rigidly

A self-starter, able to work independently

Happy working long (but fun!) hours

Attention to detail is a must

Able to multi-task

Familiar with Excel, web design, and graphics (even just WordPress and Canva)

Please do not apply if you do not meet these requirements, and no new OWSIs, please! 

Must be

Someone who loves talking to people. Chances are this role will pan out so that you are most often the first person new arrivals talk to.

Open to a flexible role that will grow with you and with the business as we expand as get busier.


Experience managing a team


Duties will include:

Guest care – customer service is our top priority and so you MUST be comfortable dealing with all kinds of customers, especially complaints. This position will involve a lot of interaction with customers, a lot of general chatting and checking in on everyone every day. 

Social media content

Assistant to the Ops Manager and stand-in in his absence

Some level of staff management

Teaching and maybe some DM work

Equipment sales

Dive ops (under the Ops manager) – arranging schedules, boats etc. 

A couple might work and we are willing to discuss splitting the job, and in fact, maybe a good option as we expect to get progressively busier and hopefully very quickly there will be full-time work for both of you. But it may mean living off a single salary and less work each to start with. 

Please send CVs asap if you feel for it.

Apologies in advance if we do not get back to you personally.

We are very excited about this hire and about the future of the team, so we look forward to receiving your resumes.

Thank you!