JJ CCR Instructor Level 1

Job Description

• Must be an active JJ-CCR Air Diluent instructor or equivalent as a minimum.
• TEC Gas blender instructor or equivalent.
• MSDT or Equivalent.
• 5 diamond customer service.
• Strong sales skills.
• The position would primarily be teaching ’Try CCR’ classes strictly to agency standards, with no exceptions or modifications to equipment or course standards.
• Teaching full courses and instruction from Open Circuit Open Water to Divemaster.
• Train staff on all CCR diving procedures from in-water to boat.
• Guiding certified divers to a max depth of 100ft / 30m Open Circuit and CCR.
• Assist in the growth and development of the Recreational CCR diving alongside promotion as directed by marketing.
• Ensuring all maintenance is carried out in accordance with JJ-CCR manufacturers’ guidelines on all units.
• Ensure all maintenance is completed on all TEC Diving tanks, O2, and CCR equipment to PSI standards.
• Assist with maintenance of all Open circuit rental gear.
• Scuba pro/Apex service technician desired.
• Liaise with manufacturers to acquire relevant service parts.
• Maintain quarterly safety/rescue drills with all staff.
• Must own personal DiveCan JJ-CCR.
• In charge of oxygen training, medical gas, and filling to the highest safety standards.
• Assist with Nitrox compressor, servicing, and logging with light and routine maintenance of all the compressors in-house.
• Must be computer-literate with Microsoft Office competence, mail, and monthly reports.