Looking for 2x SSI Instructors

5. Januar 2023

Job Description

A French Family Diving Club in Malta is recruiting for the 2023 season!

We are looking for two FUN and DYNAMIC, PASSIONATE and MOTIVATED SSI Instructors to dive into ruins, falls, and caves of the Maltese Archipelago.

We offer SSI training, dives, explorations and baptisms all year round in a family atmosphere!

? Position available from MARCH 15 to NOVEMBER 15, 2023

– Fixed salary + commissions

– Social Security

– 3 dives max/day

– 1 fixed rest day/week

If you are:

– Instructor / SSI Instructor (beginner or experienced)

– That you are over 25 years old and have a B driving license

– If you are passionate about your job and want to work in a human-sized club then you can send us your CV and cover letter asap.

See you soon for this new season! ?


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