Base leader/Manager/Instructor Couple

Job Description

Languages: French, Italian, Spanish,
Country: Maldives

1 Diving Base Leader/Manager:
Extensive experience in managing and overseeing diving centers Profound knowledge of diving equipment and safety protocols.
Strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate and lead a team Exceptional problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to managing challenges.
Excellent customer service and communication skills Passion for promoting environmental conservation and responsible diving practices Proficiency in maintaining and organizing diving equipment.

1 Diving Instructor:
Certification as a professional diving instructor (SSI) Experience in teaching a range of diving courses, from beginner to advanced levels.
Familiarity with local marine life and dive sites in the Maldives.
Enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of the underwater world with divers of all levels.
Strong interpersonal skills and a patient, friendly demeanor.
Dedication to safety and adherence to diving standards.
A commitment to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly diving practices.

We offer:
Competitive Base leader salary + commission on fun diving.
Competitive Instructor salary + commissions on courses and fun diving.

FREE 3 meals per day in the Staff canteen/Guest restaurant
FREE Private room for Couples with Private toilet/shower
Paid flight to and from the workplace

Qualification: Open Water Instructor
Additional Qualifications: Base Leader/Managerial Experience
Minimum Dives: 1000 Base leader / 500 Instructor


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