Cruise Director

Job Description

Our Boutique Liveaboard, a premier dive vessel operating in East Indonesia, is currently seeking Cruise Directors to join our team. We welcome applications from both individuals and couples.

Our liveaboard explores the most exquisite dive locations in East Indonesia, including Komodo, Alor, Forgotten Islands, Spice Islands, Banda Sea, Halmahera, Sulawesi, Borneo, Triton Bay, and Raja Ampat.

We are looking for individuals committed to a long-term role (3-4 years) within our organization. Successful candidates will receive training from our experienced Cruise Directors, with whom they will collaborate in managing our operations.

Key qualities we value include a warm and friendly attitude, a strong commitment to delivering high-end customer care, effective teamwork, and meticulous attention to detail. Initiative and a strong desire to continuously learn and improve are essential attributes for this role.

Please submit CVs, references, and salary expectations ASAP! We’d love to share more information with you! Feel free to reach out whenever it suits you. Your curiosity is always welcome. We’re excited to hear from you soon! Thanks for your attention, and looking forward to connecting with you.


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