Operations Manager / Environmental Education

13. Mai 2023
650 / month

Job Description

Dive Operations Manager Description and Duties:
The Dive Operations Manager is in charge of the IFS PADI dive shop, PADI course offerings and dive instruction, and oversees any IFS dive professionals and is a part-time position.

The manager is also in charge of the following:

● Oversee the air compressor management which includes but is not limited to: cleaning, air testing schedule, training for use, and maintenance schedule
● Keeping the gear in good working order, keeping the inventory updated, keeping track of tanks (hydro schedule), checking out gear for students, guests, and rentals for non-guests
● Oversees divemasters/rescue divers who may conduct or assist with dive course offerings or dives with guests
● Assist and work in conjunction with any contracted dive instructors brought in to assist with dive courses
● Provide dive training for staff as instructed by the Executive Director
● Provide dive training for students and guests at Forfar with our programming and keep an inventory of dive instruction materials and register students once certifications are completed with PADI

Environmental Educator Intern Description and Duties:
Environmental Education: IFS employees supplement the group leader’s knowledge with local site information and topical lectures. The level of assistance with educational programming will vary according to the group leader’s expertise and experience. Must become knowledgeable in basic-level local flora and fauna.

Trip Facilitation:
IFS employees are expected to stay in close contact with the group leader, transport the group to their desired sites, and monitor the group’s safety while doing so. Must become proficient with driving station vehicles.

Field Station Operations:
There are daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to be completed to maintain the full operation of the field station.

All employees participate in the maintenance and repair of vehicles, boats, buildings, and other equipment as needed.

How to Apply:
Apply at https://www.intlfieldstudies.org/employment.