Freediving Instructor

Job Description

Languages: English: English
Country: United Kingdom
Job Start Date: August 2023

We started 10 years ago by our Director Clare Dutton, at the time the centre compromised of a trailer and 5 sets of equipment that Clare would travel around to various locations and teach. The business has hugely progressed since this point, with Jean (Clare’s Mum) joining forces, they now acquire 3 dive centres and 2 boats!

The facilities allow bespoke and flexible training to meet your needs and despite its growth, still has that welcoming family touch that we are keen to ensure. We have our own quarry – Vivian, pool and boats that we can conduct your training on request.

We are also keen to offer high-quality equipment…. an important aspect of your diver training is of course being comfortable and we understand that. This is why all of our equipment is revamped every season and we use only the best cold water brands such as Mares, Santi & Fourth Element. It’s not only courses that are important to us but also…. just diving!

This is why we developed the opportunity for guided shore and boat dives for you to join, to explore the local North Wales waters and get you out enjoying the marine life. As an active dive centre, these are available nearly every day. These dives are suitable for all levels of experience, with wrecks, a local seal colony and an array of marine life, we are able to find something for everyone.

We care about the environment too. It’s our office and we want to do whatever we can to protect it. That’s where the Tudwals Project comes in. Our own conservation project focuses on our main local dive site, the Tudwals Islands. The islands are home to a colony of around 40 seals, which we work to protect with our staff team trained as marine mammal medics, providing educational talks to groups in the area and educating about interaction with the seals.

We also focus on debris removal, surveying the reef and responsible anchoring – a main focus for this year, with us raising funds and placing fixed moorings around the area to prevent anchors from destroying the reef. We guarantee our best service to you and will be sure to assist you in any way that we can.

Job Personal Attributes
I am motivated, forward-thinking and a good team member.

Qualification: Freediving Instructor
Additional Qualifications: Driving License
Contact Person: Clare Dutton


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