Job Description

To the Maui dive community:
We at Mauiis‘ most representative Dive Center are with you in spirit during this devastating time. Having been through our share of natural disasters, we have a certain understanding of the horrible sense of loss and tragedy that you are experiencing. We are broken-hearted for you. Please know that our community is doing what we can from afar by donating to your local food banks, housing shelters, and other charities in the area. While we know so many of you may have lost family members, friends, homes, and possessions that can never be replaced, we hope that we can help with whatever amounts we are able to donate. Be assured that we will do all we can in that way.
Meanwhile, we know that many of your businesses have been damaged or destroyed and that will certainly leave some of you out of work. Perhaps we can help out in that regard as well. This is NOT an effort to recruit employees away from our colleague dive shops on Maui ~ just know that we have openings, whether short or long-term, for dive professionals in every area of our operation. If you find yourself in need of work and income, please contact us. We may be able to help you find work at our Dive Center as instructors, office staff, retail sales, boat captains, and dock operations.

Feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks for your attention & Good Luck!!