Instructor and Divemaster on Ustica Island

Job Description

Positions open as Instructor and Divemaster on Ustica Island

Experience: 1-3 Years
Instructor Credentials: OWSI, Enriched Air, Deep Diver
Language requirements: French, English, Italian

Positions open as Instructor & Divemaster 

Job positions open for the 2024 season on Ustica Island (Sicily – Italy) for new pro-team collaborators as Instructors, Divemaster, and logistic supporters.

Maximum period: 20th April – 3rd November

We are located on the island of Ustica, 36 marine miles north of Palermo (1h 15’ by hydrofoil).
Ustica is an island mainly visited for scuba diving: it has been a marine protected area for 30 years and is famous for diving
among barracudas, groupers, and amberjacks, as well as being a paradise of Mediterranean underwater biodiversity.

Our clients are mainly Italians, but we also have other European divers, of which mostly French.

We offer scuba diving tours through single-dive excursions or by full-day diving formula.
We own two VTR boats and a Rubber Inflatable Boat and use them depending on the season, the number of divers, or
specific requests.
The dive center is located with a little office and storehouse not too far from the marina and at the feet of the village
center, where we have a reception and dry equipment storage, as a great part of the activities is spent on the boats.
Equipment rinsing and drying take place on the boat or at the dock, where we have a reserved water tab.
We do not refill the tanks; we get them from the refilling station that is at the dock.

The company
Owners: Tatiana and Danilo. We are the front-line players in the team.
Danilo is responsible for the technical management of the dive center. He gives practical instructions and rides the
boat, cooks on board (if COVID-19 makes that possible) and dives seldom. Speaks little English but enough to get along.
I (Tatiana) am responsible of administrative management, booking system, and dive training of clients, as well as the
personnel manager and PR for clients. I also dive as a dive guide or instructor for specific courses and ride the boat if

We are aiming to be an environment-friendly company, in our daily habits, on board, with our divers, at our homes.
We need co-workers with the same “green” (#thinkgreenliveblue) attitude.

Our lifestyle
We are team workers and we intend to share the workload within the team. Our priority is to arrange a safe and
comfortable environment for our divers, but we care a lot about each co-worker’s wellness. This is expressed in
keeping things in order, being punctual, and clean, inclined to a calm attitude and gentleness. We are not anxious nor
love to breathe down your neck, as we expect collaboration on your initiative.
We strictly respect dive standards, but we are careful about how to communicate and encourage divers to respect them
as well, according to common sense and safety priorities. And we want all our co-operators to be role models in this.

Management & Joint-venture
In 2019, we merged into our management another dive center, once our competitor, which owns a resort where
their client’s lodge.

Depending on our internal organization, two of our team members may be designed to be specifically in charge of the
clients of the Profondo Blu Diving Boat. This may include taking care of the divers lodging in the resort (it is a bit far
from the embarking dock and dive center) to maintain PR, manage their planning, and give assistance, as they are
usually not comfortable coming to the dive center.

Occasionally we arrange, at dinner time or aperitif, some entertaining dive promo programs to eventually
collect enrolment to our weekly activities outside of basic dive packages (for instance night dives, specialty courses,
snorkeling excursions for the last day pre-flight, etc.) I usually take care of arranging the promo programs so it
is not totally on the instructors’ shoulders. But we want to involve other team members if they have specific skills or titles.

Our Claim
“One Fin-shot Beyond”
Mare Nostrum Diving specializes in creating memorable dive vacations in one of the most precious islands of Italy. We aim to create an experience that takes our guests and our crew One Fin-Shot Beyond in every sense: beyond the every day, beyond their confines, and hopefully beyond their dreams.

We understand that what makes a dive unforgettable is different for every one of us. But whatever a good memory means to each of us, and whether you’re seven or seventy, we would love to help people create their own One Finshot Beyond adventure, that perfect dive experience that meets their expectations, and a little bit more.

Moreover, while we try our best around here to be the ONE and the only place they will ever need for their life-changing dive adventure, we know that we are just one of the many places where they can satisfy their pleasure of scuba diving. Although, we are concerned to be unique in our genre.

Of course, no dive experience – however exciting it can be – should never mean compromising safety and we want our guests to be confident they are in safe hands with Mare Nostrum Diving. We are expert divers and know how to ensure they enjoy their dive excursions safely using experienced guides, functional gear, and accurate operating procedures.

Our Mission
Whether there is a beginner or an expert, a photographer or a wanderer, a muck-diver or fish-chaser, we want our team to go always One Fin-Shot Beyond to ensure our clients get the experience of a lifetime. We do not run our business because we want to dive (as a means to be paid for scuba diving). Of course, we love scuba diving, we started in 1994 and we have never done other kind of job that has not to have to do with the ocean – but we are client-centred not self-focused. We all work to earn money because we need it, but we did not set up our company to earn money as the priority. Incomes are a mean, not the goal. Our life itself while working is satisfying enough to make us happy and to enjoy life as we like it.

An important part of our approach to all our divers is that we care for our crew, for the local environment, and for the community in which we are located.

Our Team
Our co-workers do not need to have the same goal but should share our vision about life priorities to go well along. Our crew must share our vision while having its dreams, goals, and expectations. A few months is very little time to build up solid cooperation and make any long-term plans, career projects, or investments, but whatever the duration of cooperation, we believe it must be true, trustful, and mutually beneficial. We try – every season – to set up a team made of locally expert guides, dive instructors, and first-experience professionals, different in age, gender, and origin.

We also have cooperating partners to ensure extra-dive arrangements, to provide our clients with the firsthand expert advice they need to plan their perfect trip. When they decide to book it with us, the trip will be arranged by our partner Tour Operator so they know they’re financially safe and properly protected.

It is not put at the end because it is less important. In the past 10 years, we have developed a stronger environmental awareness in our operations so we need our co-operators willing to accomplish the mission to share it with our customers, to be actors with us in citizen science programs, and to be available for voluntary activities about sea
conservation. We are part of different projects about climate change and monitoring biodiversity in the Med, so our team must be on the front line with us in this.

Position needed for season 2024:
Our team needs the support of 5 new team members:
2 Instructors
2 Divemasters
1 Logistic Supporter (reception & equipment)

Period A) from 20th April to 3rd November.
Period B) from 30th May to 30th September.