Seeking Scuba Jobs? Here’s how it works!

  • Step 1: Sign Up for a  Candidate Account

  • Step 2: Check your emails and follow the confirmation link to log in & activate your account

  • Step 3: Subscribe to your desired Job Seeker (Candidate) package

  • Step 4: Purchase your One-Click CV application service

  • Step 5: Complete „My Profile“ with your AVATAR

  • Step 6: Fill in the online „Resumes“ form to attract potential employers seeking staff


– Create an additional attachment CV file & include an avatar, profile picture, certification cards etc.

– Try the „One Click Job Application“ with an automated CV attachment

– Once the set-up is done it’s available for multiple job applications

– Upload your CV file as a PDF(recommended)

– Update & edit your CVs any time it suits

– Your CV is ONLY visible to employers


As an active Candidate please apply for a job as follows:

  • Find the job(s) that suits you from our  Home page

  • Click on “Apply for Job“

  • Choose ‚Apply with Resume‘, write a quick Hello, preview and simply send the package off. That’s it!