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Scuba Jobs Worldwide is the prime leading, first-rated PADI, SSI, CMAS, RAID, SDI/TDI & NAUI Instructor, Divemaster and Freediving job board in the world with hundreds of unique visitors every day. Diving Jobs Worldwide strives to put dive and freediving jobs seekers first, post individual resumes, giving them free access to search for PADI & SSI diving and administrative jobs, Divemaster and Scuba Instructor Internships or any scuba- educational programs in the fast growing dive job industry.

Every month, Diving & Scuba Jobs Worldwide connects thousands of professionals to new Padi & SSI Diving, Freediving and Mangement related job opportunities with our daily digital updated scuba diving job board online platform.

PADI and SSI diving, swimming and Freediving jobs or Divemaster/Instructor Internships in the worldwide Scuba Industry, especially abroad, is a dream for many people of every age. The scuba travel & dive jobs industry is always looking for qualified Divemaster and Leaders, Service Technicians, Scuba and Freediving Instructors, or just candidates who desire to become one.

At Scuba Jobs Worldwide, our mission is to help people get diving jobs, with real stories and data. We create the best experience for scuba related Padi & SSI Instructor and Divemaster diving jobs seekers.

Scuba Jobs Worldwide offers the opportunity to apply and qualify for such PADI, NAUI, RAID, CMAS, STI/TDI & SSI dive and freediving jobs. The diving-branch is always looking for dedicated, motivated and decent qualified employees who would like to work in dive and scuba companies as listed. We offer scuba, swim and freediving related dive jobs in various fields, just send your application to the email address provided.

Scuba Jobs Worldwide offers as well a INFO Blog section where you have options to inform other about the latest news or your latest experience in the field of Scuba Diving and the Marine Life above and under water.

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January 17, 2020

Video lamp with “automatic” underwater light

Dragons spew fire. Logic and intelligence are attributed to them. Whether these associations were intended by […]
January 13, 2020

To The Last Fish – Overfishing Our Oceans

The world’s oceans are almost completely looted because industry and consumers can’t get enough of it. […]
December 20, 2019
Bearted Scorpionfish

Dream diving vacation in the Visayas

In the Philippines there are now stylish accommodations that, with their feel-good ambience, ensure an all-round […]

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